Alyssa website photoIf there is one truth I hold above all others, it’s that words are important.

This importance carries through whether you’re a journalist trying to find the words to most accurately, factually describe a situation or a social media manager trying to connect with an audience to build a community around your brand. Most days, I am both.
I spend many of my days at my computer, finding words which will help someone understand why a nonprofit’s funding structure has changed, or which explain a complex art exhibit in the area, or which convey the work of a local community leader fighting for a more diverse legal system by getting teens involved. As a freelance journalist, I am a truth-seeker, a fact checker and diligent in my writing to clearly and precisely convey information.
But I also spend time at my computer crafting messages for audiences in 280 characters or less, finding the perfect words to go with a picture and discovering ways to connect with diverse audiences. I create grids on Instagram, I write snappy email newsletter subject lines and I create and edit blog content designed to tell factual stories. As a freelance digital marketer, I’m a community-builder, a story teller and creative in my writing to help brands stand out.
Though two different worlds, exploring the way in which words can impact in two industries has made me a better writer and editor in both, and I get to combine them daily at hygge coworking. I started here as a member but deeply connected with the community. It all started by creating a book club just for fun, but after months of doing more and more, convinced the owner to hire me. He later made me director of marketing, giving me the opportunity to seek out and tell the stories of hygge through our newsletter, social media and other creative avenues.
I’m finding new and different ways to share information using the most powerful tool I have: words. How lucky am I?